Life is all about making decisions carefully. The life one is enduring right now is a series of complexly intertwined reflections prompted by the creator, that is YOU. 

To get a real-time experience of this cause and effect theory, try out an interactive movie/series on Netflix or any other platform, where the major plot of the movie is altered by the decisions you make in the scenes. Trust me it is really interesting.

They say “Things always happen for a reason”. I have my own edited version of this verse and that is “Things always happen as YOU let it happen”. Each and everybody has a own personalized steer for life. You drive the path to your destination. And remember that you have a special endowment to pick up the co-passenger you are intending to take along your journey. Thus choose them carefully, as they might sometimes change the trajectory to your destination.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances

William Shakespear

This famous quote by the great philosopher Willam Shakespear adds more depth to the theory.

Though, sometimes you actually don’t need to be extra careful while making major decisions. Just sitting back relaxed and letting the flow of events take place without you having a stronger hold can be therapeutic.