You’re the action

My attitude depends on how you treat me
Yes, It is bold enough to state!
Before all of that, Utter yourself a vital secret,
“The way you’re heart love you depends on how you see yourself in the mirror “
the less confident on self, less love for self.

There is a mirror inside everyone.
Unfortunately A mirror with false reflection,
The mirror has two sides,
One side which you have been gifted and A side you are trying to portray,

The pressure society had imposed on you,
The hate of people who are no part of your life,
The failures that killed the confidence of yourself,
The uncertainties you think daily which is far to happen,
The person you love with expectations,
All these people have been the cause for the false reflection,
Yes, the cause!
But darling! more than the cause the action speak louder,
You’re the action, Be a wise one.