You about to search?

Happiness. This, this is something and everything that we all crave for in common, right! Where do we get it from? At least when? There is no place on earth and hell, that’s left unsearched on the search mission for happiness. But when do we realize that we are being fooled enough to go on a search in finding happiness? Literally fooled and not by someone else but by ourselves.

You can’t bribe to get it handy or you can’t even get it elsewhere but there’s one thing within you hiding the real cause for happiness that you truly deserve. People say happiness is within and we do even preach that to others but when it comes to ourselves, do we remember those preachings? We don’t even bother and look out for our own happiness in others and that has turned to be one of our routines, even not knowing the fact that where it ends up? Nowhere but we’d end up in the depth of the ocean, the darkness.

So instead of stop searching, after all, I’d say continue searching but this time you dig yourself. On your way to yourself, you’ll right away find a lovely great amount of what you’re searching for, The real Happiness.

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