What makes YOU special among 7 billion people on this planet??

It’s YOU yourself, You are one beautiful person. Look at that pretty smile of yours, It can brighten up anyone’s day. We all are stuck up in some way or the other but still you chose to fight it and come this far.

You have overcome some of your fears, opened up about something that you were insecure of, helped someone cope up with their problems or unknowingly your words would have lifted up someone and more.

You were able to do all this because you are one beautiful person. You being kind and caring can change someone’s life forever. It takes nothing to be kind. If you feel like you haven’t done anything it’s totally fine because you are just getting there slowly.

Maybe you are still fighting with your insecurities, afraid of being judged or feeling that you are not so cool enough. But it’s ok. Just look at you and be proud. Either way YOU are special.