Yoohoo Jude

Jojo Rabbit is a wonderful juxtaposition of satire and actual warfare, making you laugh out loud just as you wipe the tears from your eyes. This isn’t a detailed review of the movie but rather my understanding of what the movie talks about.

We are all Jojos in life, striving to be someone we are clearly not. Why? Either cause of our personal beliefs, our traditions or sometimes just to blend with the rest. We try everything to prove to the world that we are what we say we are. We have this indoctrination of our beliefs assuming its own form in our minds. It becomes our very own Hitler, dictating our life. At first, it seems to be a motivating figure that helps you stay focused. But slowly, it engulfs you. Even if you show a little vulnerability, it pops up to brainwash it out of you. We end up becoming a slave to our own thoughts.

We become engrossed in your beliefs that it blinds us from reality. Too engrossed, that it ultimately blows up in our face, quite literally in Jojo’s case. We get hurt. More importantly, our ego gets hurt and lets face it, NOBODY likes that. To rub it in, life plays the fate card and you are forced to face your antithesis, or should I say, the Elsa. The very thing you’ve conditioned yourself to hate stares at you. We try our best to demean it and hate them with all our mind. Why? Because we are scared, but we will never admit it. But when we take a moment to look it in the eye, we lose our guard. Elsa bares her soul, leaving us with no choice but to fall in love. Damn the human heart. It’s the one thing that stops most of us from turning into complete monsters isn’t it? 

Rosie is that voice in our head that reminds us who we truly are. We live in such a world where we constantly need to be reminded of ourselves. We begrudgingly know it’s right, but since our egos are bigger than us, we fail to heed. The voice constantly tries to fight for its cause but one day, it may ultimately fail. The voice will no longer echo in our heads and we will be left all alone.Everyone is humbled at the face of death. Nothing shatters your ego more than a heartbreak.

This lesson humility that makes us embrace being ourselves. We may stumble as we go but we learn from it. Till our last breath, the learning never stops.The real world slowly kicks in, and we become a 10 year old in front of it, not knowing if anything makes sense anymore. It is here that we put our learnings to use and try to understand the power we possess in just being true to ourselves. Only then do we finally, kick the Hitler in us out of the window. 

Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final.

                                                –    Rainer Maria Rilke