One out of three of us, in past, has been sexually abused,

Just to fulfill a man’s lust, our body has been used,

Feels like during our marriage, we are sold,

In this new place, we are forced to do whatever we are told.

Wearing short clothes doesn’t mean we want attention to seize,

But, we are told, it is our fault after all, if we get eve teased,

Just as the sun sets, we are not allowed to walk alone,

Always questioned about our character because of the guy we were talking on the phone.

If we talk about our strength because of the power we have to bleed,

Society thinks that in this gender race, we want to take the lead,

Giving birth, it hurts same as when 34 bones break,

But, as we are told, this pain is what we are destined to take.

If you still think women are not strong,

I can give you endless more reasons which can prove your way too wrong.