Will I be born?

She rebels against fate, she keeps away the toxic, she knows I am fragile.
She is responsible to tame me, to teach me how to behave and how to love everyone.
I am searching for lost sleep and lost dreams, which are plotting against me, to abandon me.

My happiness hanged itself to death and the corpse lay in her heart.
My prayers robbed out of every ounce out of me.
I sit empty handed before the god asking for my birth, only to hear him laugh.

I wish the world could see through my eyes.
Pain and suffering left my soul threadbare,
My heart gave a cry of anguish, even the brain was perturbed.
The testament of my wilting hope in life’s corsage.
With no one to hold hands with her now, she wandered the streets alone.

Will I be born? My heart shouts in my mother’s womb.
Mom smiled and said; you are a girl, a raging fire that burns.
Like a phoenix you will rise from the ash.