I keep thinking of you all day, I wonder if you are doing the same? Why? Why did you come into my life even when I didn’t want you to? and Why change into stranger when you know that being apart would break my heart into pieces. Was I just a game to you or do I even mean something to you? I hope you are having a good time now while I’m holding my dear heart together.

Why didn’t you call me? at least you could have texted me your excuses but why didn’t you? You could have attended my calls but I get it you were so busy ignoring me. Do you know how many days I have longed for my phone to ring, displaying your name on it, you probably wouldn’t or else you would have heard the sound of my breaking heart. If your intentions were to leave all along why did you brought my hopes up? Why did you create beautiful memories with me when you know that they are going to hurt me like hell. Why? Why go through all the trouble when you are no longer going to be at my side. I was just nothing to you right? Just nothing! or else it wouldn’t have been easy for you to cast me aside.

Well I’m so grateful for you to treat me like you have always treated or else I wouldn’t have grown into this beautiful, strong and tenacious women that I’m today.