“You might be of the size of a pea, but you can move mountains if you decide to do so”
is how we console our vulnerable and agitated selves every time things ain’t falling in place,
and crazy how we start doubting the veracity of it the very next moment

I don’t even know if those little panic attacks are worth sparing time for,
at the cost of your mental health,
the moment before you step onto the stage to introduce yourself to anonymous, unpredictable beings

the way you stab your soul by cursing yourself for not meeting the so-called standards of being “perfect”,
might just leave a permanent scar on it, or maybe the deep bruise would remain wet & unhealed till your soul departs towards the heavens

the way you spend sleepless nights, nights that are oddly hushed,
drenching your pillow with your tears,
tears worth a billion dollars,
are phases wherein your soul steps out of your body to question it’s existence.
nobody else in the universe, but it’s you who puts yourself into existential crisis

crazy, how you exist under constant pressure, assuming the world is hating on you, judging every single move you make, criticizing your appearance,
while people are just worried about their own appearance & how YOU might judge them.
every living soul is a self-critic & as self-conscious as you are.

~emerging as a new person everyday, padmaja🌻