Who toiled hard other than minding his own health issues


This is Mohamed Shameer Anwar member of Team ASKK. Prthush! My Thalapathy! Myself, I’m his childhood friend since schooling. I’m not taking this story very long and making it short only by telling our experience which we had during the first wave of Covid-19. We never knew we would do such things. Slowly we went out to check out the things. And we found many things, most of the people say we are ready to die to COVID-19 instead of dying in hunger. Actually by doing these good deeds not for impressing people around us! We did it for our own satisfaction and slowly by the way started upgrading the things we do!

First, we were doing our food distribution and later we upgraded that into kits! Where a kit contains food materials that would long last up to a week for a family. Moreover, we never had time to rest! Both of us didn’t know why went worked so hard. And definitely, we each know we won’t be rewarded for this work even though we worked hard for settling things!

Actually, my friend Prthush is the founder of this ASKK organization but nobody has an idea of what does and how he works hard for it! As I’m only aware why because I stayed with him! He is just a one-man army! Though he got huge support from people full of love and support only because his intention was pure! And I’m very glad I do accompany him for such works! I have dreamt about this doing good deeds during my childhood but I never knew this would happen only coz of him! So much satisfaction.

Very honestly we are on our way to do more good deeds! With pure intentions and love and true blessings! And I never know what brings us in the future! But I’m damn sure I’ll be his shadow till my last breath! And I’m proud to say here I’m his best. Honestly, one thing I wanted to here say here! I don’t know who knows him? But you people can understand him only if you are me! He is very true and loyal to me!

Aadhi I’ll be always your Jeeva! Who works behind you like a shadow to your success! Sivaji I’ll be your mama to walk around with you!
Vasool Raja I’ll be your Vatti to share all your good and bad with you!
Chandru I’ll be your Raju! And Che too!

I don’t know how these lines mean to people!

But definitely, my Nalla Nanban does!♥️

no matter what! I love you my dear brother, and support you till the end of my breath, not even for word I’m saying it to you! I would spare my life even for you without any hesitation or a minute of thinking! Nothing shall pass you till I am your side. Let’s do more good deeds together!

and please do forgive me for mistakes in this!

with love -Jeeva!👬🏼