What is success?

Once when I was interviewed by an interviewer he asked me what is success? I told him that I will tell my own success in my life.
I am the son of a farmer. I finished my higher studies in a local school. Then I joined in arts college to have a degree.

My aim is to be an IAS officer. After my college studies, I wrote UPSCE exam after three years and became an IAS officer. I got a posting in Sonipat. Due to my intelligence and bravery, I ordered to IPS officer to arrest a Mafia gang. The Prime Minister of our country appreciated me.

And I got a transfer to my home state near to my home district. I was invited to many schools for annual day. One day the chairman of a famous school invited me for their annual day as a Chief guest. When I went to that school function I felt proud because upto grade 9th I studied in that school, my school management asked me to drop from school because I didn’t pay fee for two terms, even I was a topper they didn’t help me. In the function, they can’t recognize me but I felt proud. This is my success.