Was I just a student?

It was a regular summer morning. My summer vacation started around 3 days ago. I got promoted to my secondary classes this year, I thought of doing some productive activities this summer. I thought of restarting my old lost hobbies and binge-watching old Bollywood classics with my pet, Simba.

The day started with my Baba calling me up from my bed followed by Chole Bhature from my Maa’s kitchen. I woke up enthusiastically as today, for the first time I was joining tuition quite away from my home. Maa packed my bag, oiled my hair and Baba was all ready to drop me to my first ever tuition ma’am’s home. I was excited because I had never been in one and all my friends talked about how enjoyable being in the tuition could be. I reached there, Baba promised me to pick me up 2 hours later. I bade him goodbye.

I was quite nervous as I had never interacted with her before, but surprisingly she was so nice to me. We completed a whole chapter of science in just a single session. I came back home, satisfied, and happy.
The next day was not awkward at all, she invited me in. That’s when the road turned. She started teaching, informally touching as well. I thought of it as a regular gesture. She started touching me more. It felt wrong, but she was nice to me, offered me cookies as well. I came back home, still thinking about the moments in tuition.

The next day, the incidents repeated again this time touching my skin above my Femur. It felt awkward. But I didn’t know how to react. I came home back. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t study. All I could think about was those uninvited touches. My mental health started to compromise with my physical health. I slipped off the stairs as well. I was bedridden. Maa stopped my tuitions as the doctor prescribed me not to go outside at least for one and half a month.

I thought of sharing my experience with my parents, but somebody told me earlier “Men do not cry” “Men cannot be sexually assaulted”, I wish I knew there’re many who have gone through similar situations.
Today, even after 20 years since the event I feel miserable thinking about those days. Those few hours of my childhood stole a big part of my happiness, my hobbies, and myself for the rest of my life.

Was I Just a Student?