Want to feel the ‘impossible’.

I want to feel the extreme loneliness
that I’d get drenched in,
if I were the only piece of matter existing in this infinitely colossal universe.

I want to feel being surrounded
by emptiness & feel being
swaddled up by
the invisible, nonexistent,
yet discernable mass stuffed into the universe, it is nothing, yet it is something,
that tries to pull you and compress you
simultaneously, from every possible direction.

I want to feel the existence inside a honeycomb, possibly chaotic,
with thousands of contrasting frequencies buzzed out by
each of those tirelessly working bees
colliding with each other every now and then,
& I want to perceive the feeling of immense power that each of the honey bees & drones possess, ascribed to their amalgamated efforts,

I want to know how it feels to be so fierce and powerful
that nobody dares to touch or
even loiter around the hive.
I want to know how it feels
to have a rock hard exoskeleton
like the tortoises, & I want to feel the
atmosphere inside it.

I want to see the fourth dimension of the space bent by the force of gravity from matter, invisible to the human eye.
I want to travel back in time
and stand right in the center of an
ancient Roman Colosseum and hear hundreds of spectators cheer for me.

And I want to surf on the gaseous,
icy Saturn rings and feel my warm
breath turning solid
and ice-cold within a
fraction of nanoseconds
after leaving my nostrils.

I want to exist in each of those
amazingly idiosyncratic moments,
considered impractical by us humans.
I want to pluck up courage &
put my life at risk,
for living in some exceptionally adventurous
moments, worth risking my life for.