I always believed that being alive just meant that my heart beats until it can’t. Somehow, all of these perceptions completely changed after I walked through Bella’s journey.

The irony about how Bella had to die in order to feel alive has its own unique beauty which probably only a few sets of people have the power to feel.

It’s nearly impossible to watch Edward’s idea of love and not absorb the fact that you can’t truly love someone until you realize that your world would just become hollow without their presence in it.

Still, out of all the beautiful aspects of the twilight world, the one that I love the most is the term FOREVER. How their love was not just for some years, their compatibility was nothing near to being shallow, and how their craziness for one another literally never ended. See them in a thousand years and the love would still be as fresh as the cold breeze surrounding the ocean.❤️

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