I want to travel and see the world,

The beauty of His creation, I want to behold.

 I want to pack my bag and leave one day,

With no thoughts at all of where I would stay.

I want to travel in trains, buses, boats & jutkas,

I want to sip my morning tea in those clay mutkas.

 I want to spend much time in the nature’s company,

Shutting myself out of the worldly cacophony.

 I want to feel the climatic changes,

As I scale the hilly/ Mountain ranges.

I want to forget life’s despair,

And just calmly inhale the fresh chill air.

For a change, I will give up the shower,

And bathe in the freshwater lakes near the bower.

I would treat my tastebuds to the local food,

Maybe learn recipes too, of cuisines that are good.

I want to happily dance to the tribals song,

I would sit and chat more about their language and the place they belong.

I want to observe the different way of life,

And learn how they overcome strife.

I want a tent below the star-studded sky,

With a small campfire, that would satisfy.

I want to visit the monuments of the historical fame,

As well as play with the locals their favorite game.

I want my walls full of pictures hung,

Of places, I went when I was young

I want to make memories and have a lots of fun

Before I retire to my bed and my day is done.