To the one whom I can always count on.

         In a world where most of the individuals are manifesting some sort of hatred toward us, where most of the people are conceiving this life as a race, there is one nobleman in everyone’s life.

He is the one who puts himself in crisis just to set us free. He is the one who is willing to face the consequences of my predicaments. He is the one who is unhesitant to fix my problems with me rather than staying apart from it. He is the one who gives his heart, soul, and everything just to assure if I am happy.

               Being the sole child in the family I always looked up to my parents. While my mom was compassionately emitting her immeasurable love, there was this gentleman who takes the feeling of love to a level beyond comprehension. While mom was fretted that I might get injured on my first cycle ride, he was the one who ran beside me and pushed my limits to do more. While mom was cautious that I can’t even elevate a spoon, this man threw a ball towards me and taught me things that no one would ever explain.

The love of the father is an enigma to most of us. He is the guy who never expresses his love in words. He shows it subtly by rescuing us to hang out with friends when mom didn’t approve, by making us repair things while he scrutinizes us, by patting us in the shoulder during our hard times, by telling about us to mom in a passionate way while we aren’t in the room. He gives us reliance that this wee kid is eternally protected by the big father. The role of a father is the most important character in a kid’s life. He is the one who influences our character by his traits. No matter how worse his financial status is, he puts a smile on his face and gets us what we want.

He listened to our lament regarding the cricket bat which we snapped whereas he buried his bankruptcy to himself.

I want to thank this soul for delicately pouring boundless love.

FATHER, your love might not be exposed often but it is the most authentic form of love