To feel alive

We all would have definitely wondered what it would be like to feel peace and most evidently we would have repeatedly asked this question to ourselves. What is peace? or Am I in peace?

Well! I knew for sure that we are all searching for that. We hope that finding peace would make us feel happy, in other words alive. Will we?

Will we finally obtain what we were looking for. Oh, Come on man we wouldn’t. Let me explain to you why, in case you are wondering why wouldn’t.

The definition of the word peace vary from person to person. Some say going on a road trip filled with beautiful trees and breathtaking mountains around them is peace, some say a soft bed as soft as a feather and Netflix to chill is peace and some even say having variety of food each day of a year is peace. Unfortunately, these even vary from time to time and need to need. As people shift their feelings we shift our definition of peace.

I get, you are lost and confused now so let me help you out.

If you really want to have peace then you must find peace within yourselves. You must make peace with yourselves. You must make peace with what you have and what you don’t have. Make peace with your mistakes and make peace with your loving heart. That’s the only way you will get to taste the pure bliss of peace.

To feel alive.

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