To everyone who were once my everything

Well, that’s the thing, when you lose that connection with someone, it becomes difficult to even start a conversation. It’s surprising how once we knew literally every little detail about each other’s lives and here we stand now, miles apart with absolutely no clue about anything that is happening. I never could probably get the answers to where I got wrong that it became easier for you to leave me all by myself than talking to me.

Don’t for a second think I have any intentions to put the blame upon you, it has been a long ride since you left, a ride which made me realise you can always love someone simply yet so deeply but one thing you that you can’t do is to expect them to love you back. Yet somehow, even to my surprise, I still have kept some hope alive that someday I would get so close to someone that they would make a place for me in their heart till the day I die. Believe this, deep down I wish the same for you because that’s what we do for the ones we love, we wish happiness for them.

There came a phase where I drowned in the ocean of sorrow, I did, but slowly I learned to swim in it because the love I carry in my heart can overcome any other emotion that crosses it.  I wish I could talk to you just for one last time, I miss your voice, your jokes, your vibes, your calls, our bond, and this list goes on and on.  I want you to know that despite anything, I will always remember and appreciate the beautiful part you played in my life. I love you, I always did, I will always do.❤️