Has anyone had second thoughts on why things always happen in three’s or exist in three’s?

This is not something to find an answer to. Definitely, there are endless possible answers to the existence of three. Portraying “Three” as a number restricts us from the various powers it posses. Sounds spiritual? Well, not exactly there is something more science to it.

In space, there are “three” zones, the extreme hot zone, the Goldilocks zone, and the extreme cold zone. The only habitable place for humans is the Goldilocks zone. Don’t you think that here the three plays a vital role in balancing two extreme conditions with a habitable zone in-between?

The reason for existence starts with a three there and all the principals, ideology, classes, on and on and on are derived from three. When looking into the phases of life we live in, there is a three to it ( Young, Adult, and Old), the economic status? Definitely, a three in it (The Rich, middle class, and The Poor), the number of wishes a Fairy offers? Strangely there is a three to it too. More importantly, we can’t deny the fact that we humans are made up of three. Yes, the state of matter Solid, Liquid and gases. It’s astounding to note that three plays such a magnificent role in everyone’s life.

Just thinking about this actuality of three and the various states it’s present in, makes me entrapped into the infinity obtained from connecting the ends of three’s.