They never left

I came back home after a tiring day at school and I haven’t seen dad since yesterday morning which kinda made me surprise because he usually comes home no matter what and I was not okay with the fact that I won’t be seeing him today as well, at least he could have called.

While all these thoughts were running through my nonstop brain, “Abu!” yes finally the person I was hoping for arrived, “Daddy!” I jumped upon him hugging him so tight that he would never leave me again. I released him from my grip as he placed me down. I saw him smile at me but that soon disappeared and now his face was all tensed up before I could ask him or even guess what he called me to the dining table right away. We sat there for what felt like an hour neither of us opened our mouth, except for eating. Suddenly my eyes caught him holding the thing that I have been hiding for a very long time. Tears. They started running down his wrinkles as if water rushing towards the shores and this is the first time I have ever seen him cry after mom’s dead and the first time I realized that he has aged.

He never really shows his emotions publicly, seeing him break like this made me worry and wonder at the same time. What possible could have happened that made him cry?

“Dad, is everything alright?” I reached for his hand and connected mine with his so that he would know I’m here for him like he is for me always. He quickly popped his head up wiping his tears off so I won’t notice but I already have.

“Yes dear, everything is alright” he spoke chocking his words, by the tone of his voice I could sense something was really troubling him.

“Dad I know something is troubling you and I have never seen you like this in a very long time. Remember? You were the one who taught me, a strongest person is the one who stays strong even when they think they aren’t. You are the strongest person I have known dad and you have seen lot worse than whatever you are going through”.

“Look at you, all grown up and stating my words against me” he smiled through his sad eyes while tousling my hair, before I could ask him what happened he spoke again.

“Ravi is dead”. Ravi is dad’s best friend and more like a family to us. Dad and he always had each other’s back. They were like brothers, always standing up against each other’s fights. I have at all times asked what it would be like to have a friend like him. A true blessing indeed.

Now I understood why dad’s completely taken back, so am I after hearing what he said. I immediately headed to his room and found him lying on his bed looking up at the ceiling while a tear escaped his eye. The next thing I did was slid next to him and wrapped my arms around him.

“Dad?” I called out and I could feel him nod his head.

“It’s gonna be okay dad I promise. We are going to get through this as we got through mom’s. We can’t change what’s destined right?” I said closing my eyes as a tear slipped through my eye. The next moment memories of mom started rushing back and I could feel the pain like it was just yesterday. I guess they never left.


Author :  Abarajeetha (Instagram – @abznikitha79)