We can’t allow any room for shallow mindedness. We must stay intrigued and remain awed. We have to dig down as deep as we can into everything and we must constantly seek answers. There are hidden values in them waiting to be discovered and so we cannot let them lay there in obscurity. We have to allow ourselves to be incited and we must induce change.

We must empower, inspire and influence others. We must expand our horizons, cross our limits and test our potentials. Do not compromise your standards. Be audacious enough in everything that you do. Broaden your ideas, perspectives and ultimately, your outlook.

Take a shot at anything that excites or intimidates you. Exploit anything you find purposeful, beneficial and which sparks your interest. Seize golden opportunities and discover hidden burdens. You can achieve anything you put your mind and soul into. We are born to conquer insurmountable challenges and endure the direst of circumstances.

We are all engineered to push past limits and accomplish remarkable feats of greatness. We are all destined to rise towards our own path of greatness. Once you seek out the purpose, everything else will fall into place. All in all, hunt down the true meaning of your existence my friends.