The Right Imperfect relationship

You see there are enough fantasies about love already so I’m not here to add another one to the list!
Everyone’s dream is to have a fantasy love story, but it is not always about that, It relies on how happy you are in a relationship that YOU CHOSE,
It is not the diamond ring, It is sometimes the priceless memories you create with butter biscuits,
It is not the endless phone calls, It is sometimes looking at the text which was received before days,
It is not  ‘ You are my priority’, It is sometimes ‘Making priorities to have you forever’,
you don’t have to be first, you love have to last,
you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you,
you don’t wait for the right moment, you start and that will fall right,
It is not about making every day a red-letter day, it is sometimes soothing chaos of each other consistently,
It is still holding on to you between choices, rather than “Not seeing any other than you”,
It is not just hanging with parent’s permission, it is about being strong even if there is opposition’,
It is not posting Instagram stories holding hands, it is about how well you handle each other’s mood swings,
It is not pointing each other for mistakes, it is prioritizing love over ego,
It is making sure that your partner is alright, they are not in pressure,
It is not freedom when you make decisions for them. My dear! it is their right indeed,
It is real freedom when you give personal space without limiting your care,
It is when you tell them the truth, rather than ranting non-sense and reasons.
It is not when you call them at midnight to rattle on past and just tell a sorry the next day,
It is when you make them completely understand and comfort,
Because The one who is holding you now is the present of your life, The PRESENT.
An Extra-ordinary relationship is not the goal,

 Holding on wherever you are, That’s the Thing.