The Missing Piece

Stumbled upon the last

And the most important bit

Of the magnificent conundrum,

Personage, an individual; rather confused,

By it’s simplicity in the stumper.


The profundity of the rough piece,

To be placed elegantly and

Perfectly in the chaos of the master maze.


Wondering and pondering,

Of the equations to be used

In order to logically pose this

Elegant and abstruse rook.


Minutes turned to hours and days

and months and years,

A lack of progress did vex the being.


What was the obstacle in the process?

What was hampering the progress?

Were the reasonings errored?


Time lapsed, no sight of success yet,

Abundant failures graced the venue.

Judgement day surfaced – Promised to get the answer of “The missing piece”.


Questioned the motive of the code,

‘To gain an easy life’, He replied.

‘But what was the key to it’, they questioned.


He smiled.

Eternity passed, and the answer is adrift

In the ocean of failures,

Coz little do we know the importance of LOVE .