The Logical Concept Of Love

“चाँद तारो में नजर आये चेहरा तेरा”

Do you remember your parents
sitting on that long, wooden swing
Entwining their quivering hands
And, tuning their ancestral dark-colored radio
carefully onto their all-time favorite station
at the veranda of the home
in a silvery moonlit night

Listening to the melodious tunes of those memorable, legendary songs of Bollywood
that compare the beauty of a mere mortal face with a celestial body
present beyond our skies
Three Lakh eighty-four thousand four hundred kilometers, to be exact

But, paradoxically
You, the science guy of a modern society
Who preferred the bitter taste of coffee
over the _tafli wali kadak chai_
Or, no strings attached, one night stands
over settling down for the one girl
fell in love with their illogical concepts
Began falling for their trap

You literally started searching for a face
Whom you can look at
on the surface of the large spherical object
How could you forget those boring geography lectures of school

Maybe, you just slept through the whole period, but, dear! you read something
the day before exams
so, remember the description
given in that book;

The only natural satellite of earth
with diameter one quarter that of our planet;
Yeah, you remember now, That’s our moon.
So stop looking at the sky
and, talking to those lifeless spheres about love

That sounds stupid and horrifying
whenever someone stands behind you
and listen to you, chatter
They have no idea about
emotions or feelings,
they don’t even have a mind
where chemicals can be spewed

And, let me tell you another fact,
loud and clear
The only task the Heart performs
is to pump blood,
and yes, it doesn’t make you
feel for someone or fall in love.

Just so you know,
heart is not like that
purple vase of your living room
That breaks into a thousand pieces
when mishandled by the girl
living in front of your house.

Trust me, if it would have broken before,
Like you claim
you will not be alive today
to steal some molecules of oxygen
from the atmosphere, everyday
So, Just put on some earphones
and turn on some logical music,
without those ridiculous lyrics
that describe the relationship
of moon and love

Maybe you should listen to something
that narrates the rush of adrenaline in our brain
The increasing rate of heartbeat
due to the chemical imbalance of our body
The actual facts that happen with us
when we feel the spark of attraction towards someone

Ah, yes!
just so you know,
the person you are searching for
on the surface of the moon
Has already fallen asleep in another man’s arm, dear fanatical lover
So, maybe you should come out of that imagination of yours,
put your mind in the logical definition of love.

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