The door I never thought existed

When everything started I had the same feelings as anyone,
I felt butterflies in my stomach,
I had this invisible wings which I carried everywhere,
Every day was on absolute bliss,
Even hostel food somewhere became delicious,
Suddenly classes became dreaming spot,
Days flew like minutes,

Every time my phone beeped I smiled like a stupid,
The days when we spoke absolute shit stayed too intense in heart,
I thought this was it! But I was wrong,
But life always gives you unexpected moments,
As 2020 had corona, I had my long distance,
Never thought distance could impact so much in our relationship,
May it was not that we were distant from each other,

We distanced our self by standing at two ends of the door yet we had the key,
We distanced our love, We distanced our understandings,
We distanced everything which sewed each other as one soul,
Still, A thing crawled into our lives which we never wanted Hate
The nagging became a keyhole which hate entered and It was no longer us
But You know the heart never listens to you, It starts ruling you like it knows the best,

It happened for me like everyone else,
New desires, new people, new priorities are drawn us down to back to square one,
But this time neither of us didn’t know how we could start it again!