The Broken Heart

As days passed uncertainty filled every space of my life,
The right one became wrong and the wrong became right,
None of the efforts matters when something goes out of your control,
Even if it is just one thing, yeah only one!
It will unravel all of your efforts to hold your love,
No matter how good you are, if words fail to justify, you become the foul-up!

One mistake, One event can ruin the entire relationship,
It can make every day worse without any external effort,
All the nights will be filled with tears and traumas,

“But do You think this sulking thought can end all your pain?
Then maybe you’re wrong!
Accepting the mistake does make you a good person but carrying it in your heart will completely bury you in a lifelong pain
which indeed will be your weakness. It can make even a possible thing fall into a never-ending dark hole “,
whispered the broken heart, breaking into trillion pieces again.