The Breathing Sky

The azure stair-less Daveli’s cave
inhales all the angelic &
evil vapors that living beings
emit through their deeds;

it sure does exhale the byproduct
not in the form of vapors though,
but by restlessly
transitioning it’s pastel hues.

The land dwellers witness the
airspace getting ferocious when
it inhales the undesirable
particulate matter consisting of
millions of Poseidons in Ovid’s
disguise raping millions of blameless Medusas; in the saintly Athena’s Temple.

Sometimes, the orb residents watch the
azure sheath showing a variegated
appearance when those
rarely spotted Hercules’ perish the
evil lions terrorizing the sinless
dwellers of the sphere;

the azure sheath becomes quite
unfathomable as it falls prey to
the astonishment by how these
extinct Hercules’ have personalities
contrasting to the evil Zeus’
who’ve been assaulting several Ledas
in the disguise of a swan.

The airspace indeed inhales
infinite amounts of manifestations
and embodiments that it receives from
the globe inhabitants, and exhales it in
the form of an infinite number of artworks
turning the azure
space into a pallette of various hues;

the potency of exhalation indeed
depicts the aggregate of evil and angelic
deeds consequently.