The Anatomy of a Mother’s Love

Keen, deep-set eyes that saw my worth
Ears that heard every cry since birth
Love-filled lips pushing me to be the best
Now your calloused hands deserve some rest.

Back bent from supporting me all these years
Arms lifting my spirits when I’m in tears
Your warm shoulder reminds me I’m not alone.
It’s your smile, inspiring me to face the unknown.

She opens her mouth with wisdom and honor,
Just perfect, I couldn’t ask for a better mother
You’re the epitome of strength against all odds
For all of your sacrifices, I thank the gods.

With grey hair, you still exude beauty and grace
And the years may have erased that youthful face
Yet in your heart, unconditional love remains
Kindness and patience flowing in your veins.

The sunsets, in the end, and your body is failing,
I’ll remember your love bestowed since the beginning.
And if the time comes that your mind forgets my name,
I’m sure your love for me will still remain the same.