Take me back

For my fifth grade, my family shifted from Chennai to Tanjore and I hated that fact because all my friends were there and I literally don’t know a soul here. The thought of having no one here made me sad and I wanted to go back but I had no choice. With zero interest, I attended my first day of a new school with a smile forced on my lips. While stepping into the campus I was afraid that I wouldn’t make friends or what if these kids never accept me, Today I feel stupid for even having that thought, and I’m happy that this happened or else I wouldn’t have met my best friends, the ones who stick with me through thick and thins regardless of anything, and I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to live the best days of my life.

Like other schools, this school also had a curriculum, sports day, annual day (ADORE is what we call it), assembly and etc, but it also had a friendly environment among the student and teachers which most schools fail. That’s what I loved about this school, our happiness mattered. “A stress-free happy life” is what I would call.  Let it be the movies that they took us, the field trips, house picnics, or the club activities we always had something to be excited about and a feel of wanting to come to school regularly. Even now I would rather go to school than be on a holiday.

I always thought that college life would be better than school life and I even wanted school days to end quickly but I was totally wrong. After entering college is when I realized, what I’m going miss and what I would never get here. If you would ask me to choose between school or college, without a second thought I would choose school over and over again, that how much I miss MY SCHOOL.

Thank you “BLOSSOM” for all those beautiful memories and for taking care that I had ” no worries”.

I don’t know if others had their best school days but I bet mine was definitely “The best”. You might be wondering what could I possibly had than you.

A family beyond blood.