Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, ATP Campus, A Home that replaced my home

It came as a boon in disguise in my life! What can I say?

Such an amazing place, it’s indeed mother’s lap for me.


Tears roll down my eyes every moment I think of it,

It gently transformed a rough, harsh, indisciplined girl into a mature woman.

It enriched her values, refined her thoughts, introduced her brain to a more practical approach towards life.

Her positives were enriched, her negatives were turned into her positives. 

Who’s that “She”? It is me! 

Yes! I’m proud of all that I’m today, proud of all that I’ve handled alone and I owe all this to my campus, my mother.

It nourished me with all the love, which even my biological mother failed to give.

It taught me life’s toughest lessons, chiselled me into the woman whom I’m today!

Not all the days spent there were amazing, but those experiences made me understand that’s how life is.

We all aren’t perfect. We make mistakes, we fall, we struggle & sometimes we achieve great heights, we come up with flying colours. 

Life is a mixture of highs & lows, and all that doesn’t matter at any point in time in life! 

How emotionally stable are we during these bitter & sweet experiences? 

That matters! 

And my love, my mother?… Aww, how else to address her?

 My campus taught me all that with utmost affection & care.

She fed me the world’s delicious food. She gave me the best gifts on my special days, sang hymns and devotionals to give me, in fact to all of us, the strength when we were feeling low. When we were happy, she played jazz, danced and partied with us. 

She adapted to all our emotions just like our mother. She’s lovingly called the Anantapur Campus. 

It’s not just a “Campus” or mere building. It’s home of love, care, compassion & sisterhood.

For some it’s a memory that they hold close to their heart, for some it’s heaven. 

And for me? For me it’s my home, she’s, my Ammi.

Forever Grateful to the Supreme power for giving me a chance to spend three beautiful years in her proximity! 

I love you Ammi, Call me again, soon.


Lots of love,