Sorry Doc

How many of us have stood strong in our decision of becoming doctors which we have taken at the age of 10 or 12. Half of us got distracted, didn’t we?. Every profession needs passion, but not every profession needs sacrifice, now read that again. It states how hard it is right from the first step.

You need to be headstrong to choose to study oversleep for serving an unknown person. But who knew that “unknown person” would hit on the hands which took notes without break, legs which stood standing hours just to complete the internship, to serve other people who may be next on the line to hit them again? Maybe it is needed to teach kids respect before getting into any profession or even moving out of the house.

All that education system is taught is that “Grab a seat, here is a profession for you do and get away with it! “. The senses mostly have flown away from humans. All we have today is comparison and superiority. No patience and nothing. Pursuing medicine is not that easy and A non-medico like me can see it in my friend’s life. They just need to focus on what is it going to take to help humankind survive. They cannot grieve on their relationship lost, fun nights missed and social life busted.

They need to move to the next steps continuously till they reach the end. Now the end is not smooth, Day starts and ends with a PPE kit hugging very tight, looking at the passport-size photo of the family, hoping to see them after days when his/her mom would grieve about what their children be doing in that hospital of 24hour chaos. They choose steth when you partied out there with a beer bottle racing in the road. They know you both gotta meet soon, cheers bro!. How selfish are we?.

We don’t have the guts to look at a naked body with blood. But we are ready to make the doctors bleed their own while you expect them to save yours. I think it’s high time med students are taught to treat social animals with just five senses. What else is waiting other than this? I’m not talking about the clubhouse “Vaanga Palagalaam” chapter bro!. I wanna hear what is the next chapter of Humanity?.