Isn’t it too short
Isn’t that too tight
That’s definitely too deep
Ugh too dark, looks vulgar
Too light, doesn’t suit your skin shade
Sleeveless! Do you even keep in mind about what society will think
Crop? What do you think, what message you are giving him!
Saree, oh never mind.

So I just read this somewhere that ‘if hormones are the reason for you losing control, how do lesbians manage it when they literally share the same changing room with all other girls’ and honestly I have never read anything more appropriate.

Every single thing that should be blamed has nothing to do with us, but everything with messed concepts inside of your head. It’s literally high time that you need to stop preaching us about our decisions because its simply our life and we own the authority to do that plus your teachings haven’t benefited anyone so far, the only thing it does is to sail our confidence to a lower end.