Smile again :)

It’s grade nine where love mess up the friendship. So it’s always a battlefield between boys and girls but I gave up since she joined my class. One fine day I penned the words in a paper and wrapped like a rocket, it took-off and reached her, she opened

“Fly high and crashed
I am alone in this Island
With you as my sunshine
I’ll survive the rest of my life”
Will you be my Forever friend!?

With her smile, we crafted lots of memories, As years passed by

She is in a rush to catch her flight to fly with her dreams. She gave a diary and requested to read after some time, with tears gave a tight hug and whispered the hardest good-bye and our smile faded. On the platform with the feel of loneliness where dark filled all over and suddenly a paper popped out from the diary. It’s the one which I gave her the first, was in with prefix of Forever friend is added with a question “will you?” with my answer I’ll be waiting for her to see that smile again!