Schrödinger’s Lemonade

Rahim, a budding actor, auditions for a play directed by Jane who is an upcoming director. He nails the audition and bags the lead role. During rehearsals, Rahim is smitten by Jane’s professionalism and passion towards the craft. He wants to ask Jane out on a date. He could either end up going out with a girl and end up in a relationship with some serious potential. He also could end up getting rejected and create an awkward environment during rehearsals, thereby damaging the play. He is terrified of either thought.

Americana Jones was an avid archeologist who set out to find the last hidden treasure of the Dothraki clan.  A near 3-year journey has led him to the rock shelter behind Gocta Falls in South America. Now only several inches of mud lie between him and the treasure. Various thoughts spring to his mind. Having missed the birth of his child, he knows that finding the treasure would be the only way that his sacrifices make sense. He also knows that all the hardships faced ultimately amount to nought if nothing is found. He ponders with these thoughts, shovel in hand, thinking about his next step.

Detective Sherkey Wholmes is tasked with his toughest decision yet. On the brink of solving a murder of his sister, he receives an envelope labelled ‘convict’. Sherkey knows it has the capacity to wreck his life, as he had narrowed down his suspects and one of them was his trusted assistant Welfed, who once had a thing for her. On one hand, it is someone Sherkey is completely devoid of personal connection with, thereby saving him the hurt. On the other, it’s his most trusted and loyal assistant, who stood by him throughout and someone Sherkey loved to death. Sherkey knew the envelope had the potential to make or break his heart, and that scared him.

You can notice a common thread through these different cases – the possibilities. You never know the consequences of your actions and where your decisions take you. Rahim will know only if he asks her out. Jones must dig to know if all his efforts mean something. Sherkey has to open the envelope to reveal the truth.

Life is like a glass of lemonade. It is either sweet or sour. But you never know how it is unless you take a sip. As Schrödinger’s cat puts it, you may never know the actual outcome of something till you try. All your thoughts and theories may never be realised unless you dare to put them into action. Simply put, just ‘open the box’.