Say your love

When you are loved by someone see to that you show back more love on them. When you show, I mean you must SHOW them, make them FEEL the love and express it. I believe every strong emotion is expressible. When you feel sad you express it, when you are extremely happy about something you express it and many other emotions you express it right, then why can’t you express the “DEEP” love you have for someone? Express it guys you’ll never know how happy it will make a person feel❤️.

Love is a beautiful thing❤️.
Saying “I love you”, making little things to make someone know that you love them, to make them feel loved is also a beautiful thing. It’s not that only the “lovers” are allowed to say “I love you”, go say a friend, your parents, your sibling, your cousin, your teacher or it can be anyone(it can even be a person you don’t know) because when you say or show them your love in some form it brings in so much joy in that person. If you really love someone don’t hesitate to say them that you love them, don’t fail to express your love to them because if it’s not now then it’s never.

I love you 🙂