The breeze of the morn doesn’t sooth me

Neither the fragrance of the mellow

Soft hued petals attracts my heart.

I feel as a frozen being

For the warmth of the crimson sunset

Seems to be just a color to my eyes.

What has happened that the  stars

Are just sparks not worlds!

Why the voices of beings are a burden

To my ears!

Why have I turned so cold to every

Feeling out there!

Why I feel as an outcast on this earth!


Life has become so grey and dull,

I feel no more alive. . .!

What is missing!



You, O you!

You, You O You!

Listen if you can…

The painful chorus of my beats

That is playing the wounded symphony

Of my being…

Listen, O listen!

You were the Salt of my life…

You were the Salt of my life!