Rosa Rosa Rosaa 🎶

Rosa Diaz is Badass 101. You know that someone is not to be messed with when they wear a pink shirt and still look like an assassin. But as we look underneath the leather jacket, we find someone who is just as kind and vulnerable as any normal human being. What gives Rosa an edge over the others is that she’s better at hiding it than the rest.

Even after 7 years, the slightest peep into Rosa’s past is fascinating. It shows that even the people closest to you may not be the person they used to be, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Take our own lives for instance. We may not be the same person we were 5 years ago. We all grow from our past, for better or worse.

No wonder she is intimidating. A Balle artist, Gymnast, Business student, Licensed Pilot, Medic, and let us not forget a Cop – she’s probably the most versatile character we know. It’s nothing but a reminder to grab all opportunities that come our way with open arms. What we learn never goes to waste and if you set your mind to pursue your dreams, it’s never too late.

Rosa, and a lot of us for that matter, is at her most vulnerable when confronting her emotions. Cracks begin to show in her otherwise tough exterior. We all know that dealing with emotions is hard. But as Rosa has shown countless times – helping Boyle, opening up to Jake, having Amy’s back, etc – showing feelings ain’t a weakness. Even if you do feel weak, you can always break stuff up to show that you’re still the tough guy in the room.

But the most badass thing about Rosa isn’t her knives or her scary demeanor. It’s her openness about her sexuality and beliefs. We live in a world where something that isn’t in our hands, plays a huge role in how society sees us. Rosa showed us that you should never feel sorry for who you are and instead must beam with pride. 

Be like Rosa. Be a person who can pull the heartstrings and at the same time swing an ax. If you don’t have one, get one. Cause what kind of person doesn’t have an ax?