Remembrance for Life

♥ The past cannot be changed.

♥ Opinions don’t define your reality.

♥ Everyone’s journey is different.

♥ Judgments are a confession of character.

♥ Overthinking will lead to sadness.

♥ Happiness is found within.

♥ Things always get better with time.

♥ What goes around, comes around.

♥ It’s okay to let go and move on.

♥ You only fail, if you quit.

♥ Smiles are contagious.

♥ Kindness is free.

Nobody is perfect! We make mistakes. We say wrong things. We fall. We get up. We learn. We grow. We move on. We live:)

Stop creating your own storms from overthinking. Clear your mind and you will see plenty more sunrises.

Grief changes you. It uproots you, while the world seems to carry on as usual. It might feel alienating as no one around you might get the intensity of your pain. It gets better not only with the time but also when you process your deeper feelings.

Be brave, brave is being strong when you want to give up. It’s going against the norm because deep down it doesn’t feel right. It’s been courageous in the face of opposition.

What’s broken can be minded. what hurts can be healed and no matter how dark it gets the sun is going to rise again. Don’t quit. Keep fighting someone is praying for you and you will make it through this. God is on your side:)

Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you are stronger than what ever try to hurt you.

But remember one thing “there is always something to be thankful for!”