Pride: She dreamed of a world where love was love

She dreamed of a world,

where fireflies twinkled with rainbow lights

and birds chirped pride songs.

She dreamed of a world,

where life wasn’t measured in age

and bald girls were called beautiful.


Laila and Leila created history.

Romeo and Ron could kiss openly on the beach.

Laws weren’t reserved for the constitution alone

but, also applied by the people, for the people.


Heer and Ranjha didn’t have to identify their genders in checkboxes.

Two husbands could run a family perfectly well,

and two wives could rent an apartment without having to label themselves as cousins.


People didn’t demean trans people,

and being gay wasn’t sinful.

She dreamed of a world,

where sexual orientation wasn’t something to be fought for,

and love was love.

But dreams don’t last forever.


In this real-world, lovers are cursed and separated.

Dreams vanish at 4 in the morning for she has to burn her soul,

chant mantras in holy shrines only for God to ‘fix’ her.

She swallows salty tears each day and wonders if God isn’t the one who created her?