The town bus usually stops 50 meters away from my house but this time I think the driver was soo self-indulged he stopped the bus half a kilometer away from my house. I can’t complain, I was already drained with things happening around college so I cared least. After a long walk back home I eased my butt in the newly brought Cushion Recliner. “Mom! Is there something I can drink cold” I cried. “No Kyle, First, get fresh”. “Mom, please. That hopeless driver guy dropped me far away from my stop, I am so tired of walking, please a cup of cold juice will be fine”. “Uff! Tired of your explanation K, wash your face and change your dress then you’ll have what you want”. Struggling to get up from the super soft chair I dragged myself to the washroom to get a changeover. The sky has already bid farewell to the sun, now its time for my dad to return from his consultant office. We had planned for a together dinner as my Mom had something important to discuss with us. I helped her arrange the dining table and my dad came from the washbasin wiping hands in his long sleeves. As we started to eat Mom made a noise to grab our attention. ” Richard and Kyle, what I am going to tell you is very important, and please don’t get shocked or feel anxious after hearing.” I started speculating what it might be with a deep fear inside. Pufffff….. The whole room got pitch dark. My dad started his endless resentment towards politicians and powercuts. I cleared my way to the cupboard to grab some candlestick. My mind was engulfed with my mom’s mysterious toast. “Dad, I can’t find any candlesticks out here, I’ll go get it from Mrs.Roy,” I said. “Ok, but be soon, your mom seems to have something unusual to say”. The powerhouse was located very close to my house. Instead of borrowing candles from the bragging neighbor, I decided to check around the powerhouse to inquire about the outage. The powerhouse building seems to look a century-old with worn-out paints and rusted gates. The entrance to the powerhouse was locked. So I decided to jump over the metal grille gate. As I clenched the rusted gate I swung my body over the gate’s top. I made it to the other side with some small scratches in my palm. Now I had to find a way to the power generator. Far away from where I was standing was a pole that had a steel plate pointed toward the right direction. The steel plate contained hard italic letters of “Main Generator”.


I began to rush towards the Generator as it was getting late already. The trail to the generator was murky with dried leaves and garbage. I reached the generator room only to find the lock of the room was already broken. My heart skipped a beat. I started to sweat heavily. I entered the room grasping some air. The main generator’s wire was sparking with a loose connection. After quite a glance, I noticed that the wire was not loose but it was ripped off purposefully from the mainboard. Tension started to build up in me. All I could think then was running away.  While I began to leap outside, a strong metal piece hit my toes. I took the black metal piece to have a closer sight. My eyes glowed as soon as my finger touched the screen.”Hello Martin, Mission accomplished! You have one more pending mission to complete.” A voiceover backed up. I touched the pending mission tab and it read “Your next mission is to kill the Governor”. I was startled.  My thinking got hazed and I felt of being trapped in a myriad of thoughts. A killer was here moments ago, he lost his Planner device in this room, he could be somewhere very close by. So why the heck are you waiting. RUN!!!.  I started to run outside the generator room with the device tightly clasped in my hands. I felt a sudden pain in the back of my head. My vision blurred and I collapsed to the ground. In the corner of my eye, I saw a brown boot marching towards me.  “Did you think you could escape that easily” the voice whispered. I tried to cry but the sound slipped away. I started to feel the wetness behind my head, probably blood. “Don’t worry my friend I am not going to kill you. You are just a small glitch in my mission. I would like to leave you as such.” the voice rustled. I struggled to speak, this time I was successful. “Who are you?” I mumbled. “Oh no, it’s getting late. I have a date with the Governor so see you, my friend” the voice faded.  I dragged my body to the entrance of the powerhouse to seek help. That was all I could remember.


When I opened my eyes I was lying in a hospital bed. I had a bandaid around my head. There was an LCD TV in front of me reading the flash news. “The Governor of Lembon city, Mr.Kenny was found dead yesterday night. A team of investigators is currently at the scene. Trusted sources say that the cause of death could possibly be due to repetitive strangling in the thoracic region.” Incidents run by like flashes in my head. Slowly I felt a hard mass pricking my trouser pocket. My fingers clutched it with a strain. The object looked quite familiar.  “Ah, it is the Planner,” I sighed and went back to sleep.