Pink. Is it just a colour? Or does it represent the sexuality of a person? We all know that the colour pink is stereotyped as to be girls’ colour. Have you ever seen a newborn baby? You can easily assume their gender by the colour of their clothes.If it’s pink, then it’s a girl. This is not a made-up thing.

It is a universally accepted standard, pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Even if a boy likes a pink piece of clothing or anything that has pink in it, he is judged and stereotyped by society and even by his friends.

We can easily see how a person is being judged because of their love towards a colour. The choice of liking a colour is forced by our society because of the gender rules. First colour represented racism, but now it also represents our sexuality. This is how specific colours have been stereotyped.

Our sexuality has nothing to do with our love towards a colour or anything. Everyone has their own choice of liking something.

I, myself am a guy and I love pink. I didn’t change my sexuality to just love a colour. Let’s not stereotype a colour. Let sexuality be sexuality and colour be a colour. So, is pink just a color?