‘Feel free to share and discuss your problems with us .’, they say. Yet they’re unable to come up with a really effective solution to overcome PEER PRESSURE. Peer pressure is something that takes place because, growing up, you’re always compared with another extraordinary and flourishing kid whose lifestyle and upbringing is completely different from that of yours. Our mindsets have been modified in a way which is totally inappropriate.

We’ve been indirectly taught that we’re supposed to follow the person ranking first in the so-called hierarchy of life.We grow up in an atmosphere unhealthy for our mental health & struggle to keep up with the ‘standards’ of the ‘squad’.We compare ourselves with the so-called ‘dope’ individuals in the squad and get indulged into activities which are rather illegal or which make us feel uncomfortable.

In this era, the definition of peer pressure has been changed a bit. We’re convincingly forced to ‘get high’, ‘smoke a blunt’, ‘roll a joint’, ‘roast someone’, ‘hook up’, ‘chill’ at ‘fancy-schmancy’ snack bars, be ‘woke’, wear expensive clothes & accessories, use Apple devices, have a fair skin, have a conventional face, etc.

At times, you fail to follow the trends & refuse your fellow mates to do something they asked you to do just because ‘everyone else is doing it’. And this is when we start questioning ourselves, our dignity, existence & abilities. We curse ourselves, we get all rude and evil to ourselves and begin with an enormous amount of overthinking.

This leads to depression, anxiety, self-hatred & pessimism. Most of us then become claustrophobic & prefer staying alone. We need to understand that there’s no such rule to ‘get going’ with the squad. It’s okay to do what you’re comfortable with & not to do what you’re uncomfortable with. It’s okay to be dark, skinny or chubby. It’s okay not to follow the latest trends. It’s okay not to smoke, drink or have sex if you aren’t comfortable with it. It’s okay not to wear expensive outfits & accessories or to use expensive devices if you aren’t able to afford them. It’s okay not to be cool or popular. And it’s absolutely okay to be YOU.