2020 – All we imagined was India to be a developed country and economically stable. None of us would have imagined ourselves being in home for a year, now its almost 1.5. Our fantasy dreams of not going to school and staying home as long as possible came true by this year. Everyone who wanted a break from the unlucky job they work in, got a chance to stay home and relax. But why are people not happy?

The struggle and lessons the pandemic gave us according to me would make a huge difference in the way people see the outside world, both in a positive and a negative note. Positively,it had taught many workaholic men to just sit and look around their own family and get to know their interests and wishes. It insisted every young boy and girl to search for something in her or his own skills and bring out one. Some turned to be best artists by 2021.Just a pause of the world and see how happy people are with their loved ones.

Pandemic strongly taught us that food and a strong and loving hearts around us are far more important than the dollars we earn. Negatively, it has brought a digging gap among the people, taking them far away from each other. Online classes and extra courses have psychologically taken children to the world of anger and trauma.Fear of people seeing one another and their negligence of the patients has impacted many hearts in losing the hope on humankind.

Maybe amongst every other causes and impacts, there are still hearts staying out to feed people with poor economy and support them mentally. It taught us doctors aren’t there only to charge us with bills, rather save our lives on the cost of theirs. It taught us that still there exists some hearts who care for others rather than them at the times of struggle. There exist heroes, not only in movies, we see them during pandemics also.