If you find a true friend, I repeat, “a true friend”, you find a safe haven of endless support, honesty, loyalty, and credibility. With all his/her selflessness, that one person can fill your life with true hues, smiles, and beauty, becoming a shoulder for you in your hard times.

Let me ask you, “are you ready to become one’s anchor as a friend yourself? Are you ready to invest in the bond of friendship equally? If yes, congratulations! you can surf on the waves of friendship…. you can create memories worth cherishing—memories that would give you smiles in times of despair….but, but…HEY you! wait wait, what if you are willing to invest, you are willing to strive but your loyalty meets deception. Your dedication is undervalued in return. Ah! that is a heartbreak. That is the point when one loses faith in companionship. Isn’t it?