Not a feminazi

Unlike actual feminists, womanhood’s trojans,
I don’t walk headstrong shouting slogans,
I run with a giggling laugh and soft eyes,
Dreaming of soaring the blue high skies,

I am not a feminist whose heart is turned to stone,
But the one who has been taught also to mourn,
Who secretly sheds tears for every humiliation,
Without drawing a line of gender discrimination,

I am a feminist who dances in the falling rain,
And manhood, I don’t  wish to smash or slain,
It might feel like on feminity I’m  a bane,
But competing men isn’t a function of my brain,

I am a feminist who admires shades of pink,
And chugs down her beer without a blink,
Who loves to ride bikes and to cook as well,
And sees bikini and hijab are both sexy as hell,

I’m  a feminist who wants to end patriarchy,
Not at the cost of losing herself to misogyny,
Seeing men and women equally without hypocrisy,
To do the same, she dares the democracy,

I’m  a feminist who goes aww on seeing a puppy,
An entrepreneur woman or a married mummy,
She can’t qualify anyone as unsuccessful woman,
To be a feminist, she can’t start to hate a man.