No regrets?

“I don’t regret”, I say but when reaching depth down I do regret and I think most of us feel this way. But it’s quite obvious if we probably regret for others. What is not okay then? It is the regret that we have for ourselves. We regret not taking a bit of care to ourselves, we do regret for letting us down at times. But by doing that, are we going to end up for good?

When things go wrong we regret at that moment that we didn’t have planned for it. We can let go of things as “gone for good” but never look back and regret for letting go of those. We must know that regret is the powerful anchor which doesn’t give you your way to your success and happiness.

We all have a question now, “What do I need to do to not regret?”. Well, I believe we all have a purpose in our lives. But no other person can find your soul purpose unless you make an effort. Maybe we shouldn’t stop until we find the purpose and move on with situations accordingly so that we might not have regret.

If you do something or anything soulfully, and do with the fullest of effort, we will never ever have that sort of feeling which keeps pulling and screwing us down.

Do everything with a strong soul purpose. The day when you stop regretting is the day when you have started your journey purposefully.