Nambikkai Adhane Ellam.

There are numerous ways in which people have been coping up with the pandemic and the quarantine right now. This post is about my way of coping up with the quarantine.

Days have been mundane, nights always dawn with a sudden surge of motivation to lose weight, be productive, improve my academic knowledge and what not. But those were often followed by “apram pathukalam”, which means “let’s do that later”.

One thing that helps me to be upbeat is, Turning the radio on early in the morning, or as I’d like to call it switching on the “Tea Kadai mode” and as it runs for all day (hence the reference) Doing chores, helping my mom and as a reward getting the kitchen space to try things myself. Doing lil’ lil’ things has been my escape. Escape that i sought out from my own mental pressures. We can all find joy in little things to try and stay positive in these grim situations. I hope you find your lil’ joy(s).

Stay safe everyone. Take care. Hoping that the situations would soon brighten up, cause “Nambikkai adhane ellam”.