My perspective of life🌻

I can sense the excruciating pain
in my soul ascribed to the deception
I’ve been falling prey to;

Extremely indistinguishable
to the pain I feel when
the sharp broken glass of the
Cabernet Sauvignon bottle,
that I banged on the table
out of despair,
pierces my skin letting out
blood tinted with a
deep red hue.

My core has been broken into
a zillion pieces,
yet intact and pretentious ascribed
to all the betrayals I received
in return to pure fidelity;
similar to the mirror
on my bedroom wall
that I ambushed
with my knuckles out of

My conscience remains
far-flung and vanished
into an anonymous void,
and it might take
forever to return;

Completely identical to the situation
when I hurled all the polaroids
into the airspace,
and within no time
they tinted themselves
with the pink and purple hues
borrowed from the evening sky;
wiping off all the bitter evocations.

My conscience still remains so
far-flung, that I’m unable to
recollect the vexatious reason
ascribed to which I hurled the polaroids.

There happen to be inordinate
number of joyous episodes too
in the lifetime
of every individual,
that keep you bound to life
in spite of the traumatic bits
that makes you dive right into
the depth of loneliness and sorrow,

You keep hoping for jubilant
days to set their foot in;
quite similar to the days
when you’re watching a series
and it seems to be boring at first,
takes unforeseen turns,
some making you grin
while some leaving you in
mere disappointment,
and with each episode
you keep hoping for
your most beloved couple
to fall for each other and bring your smile back.

That damn thing.
It keeps you bound to everything,
and Life.

Hope keeps your soul alive.
It doesn’t let your flower-like fragile
core to wilt;

Quite similar to
the way you resuscitate
your partner when they’re
vexed at you,
and you pour life
into your relationship, you rejuvenate it,
with bits of sensuous titillating,
caressing and lovemaking,
fabricating aspirations
for your bond to ameliorate
in the coming days.

Looking for minute
reasons to keep breathing,
moving on,
and staying rejuvenated,
is what defines life.
Breath. Live.