My Coffee Mug

Do you remember when was the last time you had a coffee? If you ask me I would say “not a while ago”.

I love coffee with some extra powder and two pinches of sugar. I mostly prefer my coffee to be strong so that it can heal me when I’m weak.

I started having coffee when I was in my 8th grade, to concentrate while studying during the night times. Then it became my habitual.

Every time when I hold my coffee mug I used to feel like someone is with me. It pampers me when I cry, it cuddles me when I feel low, it listens to me whenever I want to speak out. It’s not me who is holding the coffee mug, it’s the coffee mug which is holding my feelings, emotions, and tears. But every time after a coffee, I feel better. It does the same magic again and again and never failed to impress me with that skill.

If my coffee mug were a person, it would’ve been a therapist, friend, girlfriend, brother, sister, companion, and also a magician.

So my life is filled with dreams, nightmares, sadness, happiness, and all those stuff with some coffee on it. Just in case if you feel low, pour some coffee in your coffee mug, Hold your coffee mug tightly and take a sip. You will feel how the magic is done.