My body🌻

With every inch of my skin
that I reveal,
I reveal the confidence that I carry,
the confidence that my beautiful
brown skin carries.

They say I’m asking for it
when I unveil my skin covering the
body parts that have been
tabooed by the society.
well yes, I am. I am asking for it.

Not sex, but to notice the
credence that I have in myself,
and the immense love that
I have for my skin, my body,
my beautiful beautiful body.

And oh! The depth of the
neckline of my satin camisole
and my propelling breasts
definitely do not look like
an open invitation or
a permit to touch me, do they?

These stretch marks engraved
on my waist are as bold
and beautiful as the
meanders of a colossal river,
captured in a drone-camera.

The hair on my appendages,
and on my face aren’t gross,
do not affect my beauty
or do not have anything to do
with my femininity;

but they surely personify
the care and protectiveness
of my body towards itself.
My body,

is a holy kirk,
it is sacred, it is pure,
it is beautiful, it is worthy;
in all the forms and in all
the conformations.

I believe that no moiety,
and no living being
on earth, or in this whole wide
universe, should possess opinions
about it.

My body, is an epitome of
the cosmos and represents the
charm of every bit of it.

~drenched in self-love, padmaja🌻